Testimonials & Case Studies

Crofft has helped many farmers improve their crops. So don’t just take our word for it, see what the people who use it have to say...

Biosynergy have been working closely with Pannar of South Africa to demonstrate the effectiveness of its flagship product Crofft on many different varieties of Corn and Maize. Pannar as one of the leading seed breeders in the industry. They came up with a cross section of their varieties in order to put the product through its paces.

My name is Andreas Spyron, I farm at Chisamba north of Lusaka growing soya, barley and wheat. I applied Crofft to 400 hectares in July of 2013 of wheat and barley. My main interest in using Crofft was to reduce lodging as last year we had a very large problem with up to 80% lodging in my Barley.

My name is Gilly Gilwald and I manage part of Chartonel Estates which is outside of Lusaka Zambia growing maize, soya and wheat. I agreed to apply the product on a portion of my wheat crop to check on the yield claims and as a way to reduce lodging as our usual anti-lodging product was unavailable.

I farm in Mkushi in Central Province on a farm I opened up myself three years ago. I grow soya and wheat and sometimes maize depending upon the price. We applied Crofft at one tiller and main shoot, initially there was a difference in the colour of the treated plants, the root system on treated plants was much thicker too. Towards the end of the season the Crofft plants looked to have bigger and better heads but it is not easy to judge yield by looking at the fields prior to harvest.