Crofft must ALWAYS be applied in a dilute mixture never less than 10:1 Water to Crofft. Crofft can in many cases be applied with other chemicals however SPECIFIC instructions MUST be sought by email or phone to confirm that the chemicals are compatible.


Mix the required quantity of Crofft for the crop being treated with the recommended volume of water. Ensure the solution is agitated frequently to ensure settling does not occur.

Foliar sprays

Half-fill tank with clean water, add the required quantity of Crofft and a wetter or surfactant if required (such as Agrol 600 or Wetspray 600) and agitate during the completion of filling. Ensure the solution is agitated frequently to ensure settling does not occur. Wash out spray tank thoroughly after use. 


Do NOT retreat crops. If you believe that the crop should be retreated please contact Biosynergy Fertilisers first.