Plants must absorb optimal nutrition to produce maximum sustainable yields. This critical function is performed underground at root level. By driving root growth and stimulating root efficiency Crofft delivers increased yields and a reduction in unwanted leaf and stem growth.

Crofft incorporates the extensively described benefits of fulvic organic compounds cross linked with essential micro nutrients. Enhancing cation exchange capacity (CEC) ensures these ions move easily between the soil and the soil solution increasing soil fertility and nutrient retention.

Crofft encourages root growth in combination with the development of a healthy soil environment around the plant, stimulating the growth of beneficial bacteria and fungal populations. Crofft delivers higher yields, and improved fruit quality by making essential trace minerals, which are deficient in many soils, immediately available and readily absorbed into the plant.

The complex molecular systems in Crofft redirect nitrogen assimilation from non-productive vegetative growth into crop production, thereby creating an efficient plant structure.

The increase in yield is between 7% and 25%.
Increase total bolls per plant.
Increase chlorophyll content reduces the effects of variable light conditions thus increasing carbohydrate production.
Two weeks after application the flowering increases and the bud set is in bunches.
Increase flowering and bud set.
The roots of Crofft® treated plants show significant increases.